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  • Hyppy. Chyc

    I’m a little disappointed that I’m searching and searching but can’t seem to find recipes for an authentic Black Forest Cake…I spent a little time as an Army wife at Babenhausen ( I hear its now closed), anyways…can u hook me up with u good (alcoholic) recipe? Please?

  • Barbara

    Hi Julia,
    love you recipes!
    I’m looking for Bienenstich to bake, any good original recipe for it?
    Thanks you.

    Wishing you and Peter a wonderful Christmas

  • Doris

    Hi Julia! My parents are German ,and l have learned much from Mama. But l still don’t have her recipe forspritz cookies,the ones with the ground almonds. I remember we’d boll the nuts,Perl them and grind them . . I don’t have a spritz cookie press. Do you have recommendations for away to bake them without it ?and a recipe !bitte? Vielen Dank!

  • Randy Compean

    Hi Julia-

    Santa was good to me and also brought me an Instant Pot so keep the IP recipes coming. I will be trying the Chili recipe this weekend. I have already made the cheddar potato soup recipe from the recipe book that came with the IP and it is fabulous! After the Chili is the Irish stew. I agree with you that the Instant Pot is so easy and clean (for the kitchen). Thank you.

    • Julia

      So happy you like your Instant Pot, Randy! Hope you like the Chili as much as my family does. I have many more Instant Pot Recipes planned for this year! – Julia

  • Charlotte Combess

    Hi, I am so glad I found your blog! I have found two Christmas cookies my mom and Oma used to make for Christmas. the coconut Macaroons (without the chocolate) and the Vanillekipferl. I am still looking for some, when Mom died the recipes were all in german and we had no one to translate them. In 2000 I lost them all in a house fire. On that mom and Oma made was almost like a butter cookie only different and it was two layers. the top one had a hole in it and there was a teaspoon of jelly on the large cookie and a smaller cookie placed on top. Do you know what I am talking about, or by chance have that recipe? I have no idea what they are called.
    Thank you for your blog and all the great recipes. My mom passed away 25 years ago from cancer and Oma died in 88.
    I look forward to hearing from you!

    • Julia

      Hi Charlotte, so nice to hear from you! I’m so sorry about the house fire, so sad. The cookies you’re describing sound like Spitzbuben, I don’t have a recipe on my site for them yet but here is a recipe that’s from a famous German bakery: https://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/Raspberry-Jam-Sandwich-Cookies A similar cookie are Linzer Cookies but they’re made with almond flour. I hope that helps! And please don’t hesitate to write me if you need any other German recipes, I’m happy to help! My mother-in-law and my grandmothers have a big collection of old German recipes. – Julia

  • Charlotte Combess

    OH, while I am at it, Oma used to make like a pancake type dough and put jelly in it and roll them up. We would eat them on Fridays, bc as you know they never ate meat on Fridays. lol So if you know what I am talking about, that would be a great recipe to have again too! and some big dumplins like. Karnuddle….maybe?

    • Julia

      The pancakes sound like German Pfannkuchen. Here is a recipe:
      3 cups all-purpose flour
      3 cups milk
      Pinch of salt
      3 large eggs

      Whisk together until the batter gets a few air bubbles on the surface. Refrigerate batter for 30 minutes. Then add a little bit of sparkling water to the batter and whisk again.
      Heat 1 Tbsp in a medium pan over medium-high heat. Fry pancakes on one side until golden brown then flip.

      And the big dumplings, do you mean Knödel or Klöße perhaps? Those are made from potatoes, I’m planning to post a recipe for them in the next few weeks.

  • Patti Carter

    Hi Julia, I have been trying to find an authentic German recipe for meat loaf. I took my son to his favorite German Restaurant for his birthday and he loved their meatloaf. Can you be of any help with a recipe.

  • Rex

    Where is the V slicer sold? Bought one @ LA County Fair 30 yrs ago. Now showing wear. Most other Mandolins & mechanical slicers don’t compare.
    Where, & how much.?

    • Julia

      I bought mine on amazon. There is a link above the recipe card for the exact model I use. Be careful, it is really super sharp!

  • Dianna Kruszewski

    Julia , I would like to say .. good job on your post of Bavaria recipes ! I am living in Bavaria ,and as you know we have recipes you won’t find in other parts of Germany. I am here almost 7 years now , I married a Bavarian man, and these recipes would have been very helpful if I wouldn’t have found them years ago ! It would have saved me a lot of translating , it’s still a work in progress here,, lol. You did a great job with the recipes .. bravo ! Please continue to post so people can enjoy the taste of Bavaria ! My new project is to learn Polish cooking , as you can see from my last name , half of my husbands family is Polish … also wonderful food ! Good luck and happy posting .. I sure will continue to follow you !

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