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German Bread Dumplings on a plate with parsley

Bread Dumplings

German Bread Dumplings are a perfect side dish for anything with gravy! This traditional Bavarian recipe made from stale bread tastes so delicious with roasts or a simple mushroom sauce.

Bread dumplings are a traditional Bavarian side dish, made from bread, milk, onion, eggs, and herbs. When cooked, the dumplings are airy, have a tender texture, and go with anything saucy, like a roast, goulash, Jagerschnitzel, but they also taste delicious served with mushroom sauce for a vegetarian option.

If you like stuffing, you will love this traditional German recipe! The ingredients and texture is kind of similar. Semmelknödel are pretty easy to make, much easier than Kartoffelklöße (potato dumplings) in my opinion and they go perfect with anything that comes with gravy or sauce! Serve them with a roast, goulash, and more!