Air Fryer Chicken Wings

Air Fryer Chicken Wings are so crispy and delicious without using any extra oil! Cooking Chicken Wings in an Air Fryer instead of deep frying them makes them healthier and clean up easier. They are ready in only 30 minutes and so easy to make!

Air Fryer Chicken Wings

Air Fryer Wings are extra crispy without any added oil, baking powder, or potato starch! To make this easy recipe you just need two ingredients, fresh (or frozen) chicken wings and your favorite sauce. The air fried wings are so crispy on the outside but still juicy and tender on the inside. You’ll never believe these weren’t cooked in a deep fryer!

Cooking wings in an Air Fryer saves calories because you don’t need to add any oil and all the excess oil from the wings drips into the pan but the wings taste as good as deep fried. Baking wings in the oven often makes them dry or adds extra steps like tossing with baking powder to get them crispy, making them in an Air Fryer results in super crispy but still juicy wings without the hassle.


These air fried chicken wings will probably be the simplest and most amazing wings you’ll ever make! Perfect for Game Day Parties or any day.

Crispy Chicken Wings in Air Fryer Basket

Tips and Tricks for making Air Fried Crispy Chicken Wings

  • Cooking the wings for 26 minutes at a lower temperature allows the fat under the skin to slowly break apart, the last 6 minutes at a higher temperature crisp up skin for extra crunch.
  • You don’t need to use baking powder when using an Air Fryer. The wings will get crispy without it!
  • Toss the wings in your favorite sauce! Because the sauce is added after the wings are completely cooked you can add different sauces. My hubby likes it spicy so we always toss one part of the wings in Buffalo sauce and the other with a mild BBQ sauce like Sweet Baby Rays.
  • Food with a high fat content like chicken wings can make your Philips Air Fryer start to develop white smoke. This happens when splatters hit the heating element, it doesn’t harm your Air Fryer or the food that’s inside but it is annoying. To minimize the smoking stop the air fryer when it starts to smoke, take out the basket, and use paper towels to soak up the oil that’s in the pan then start the cooking process again.

Can you cook frozen chicken wings in an air fryer?

Yes, you can cook frozen wings in an Air Fryer. Just cook the wings 5 minutes longer at 390°F, before increasing the temperature for the last 6 minutes.

How long to air fry chicken wings

Chicken Wings take about 30 minutes to prepare in the Air Fryer.

Crispy Air Fried Wings tossed with Buffalo Wings Sauce

How to cut Chicken Wings

  1. Using your fingers, locate where the two joints connect.
  2. Using kitchen scissors or a sharp knife cut through the center of both joints to separate the drumette, flat, and tip.
  3. Use the drumettes and flats in your recipe, discard the tip.

What to serve with Chicken Wings

Serve chicken wings tossed in Buffalo Sauce with Blue Cheese dipping sauce and fresh celery on the side. Coleslaw, fries, onion rings, chips, and fried mozzarella sticks also make a great side dish for any kind of Chicken Wings.

How to reheat chicken wings in the Air Fryer

Reheat fried chicken wings at 350°F for 5 minutes, then increase temperature to 400°F and cook for 3-5 more minutes until reheated and crispy.

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Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce for Buffalo Wings

Tools used for making this Recipe:

Air Fryer: This is the Air Fryer I have. It has a big basket and is easy to clean.
Buffalo Wings Sauce: To make Buffalo Chicken Wings toss the cooked wings with this sauce. So tasty! My husband loves this sauce. No need to add butter.
BBQ Sauce: This is my favorite BBQ sauce, it is not too spicy with a little bit of smoke and brown sugar flavor. Tastes great on wings!



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Air Fryer Chicken Wings
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Air Fryer Chicken Wings

Air Fryer Chicken Wings are so crispy and delicious without using any extra oil! Cooking Chicken Wings in an Air Fryer instead of deep frying them makes them healthier and clean up easier. They are ready in only 30 minutes and so easy to make! 
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time30 mins
Total Time35 mins
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: American
Servings: 4
Calories: 432kcal
Author: Julia


  • 2 lbs chicken wings cut into drumettes and flats
  • 1/2 cup BBQ or wing sauce


  • Place the chicken wings in the basket and insert into the air fryer.
  • Cook for 24 minutes at 380°F (190°). Turn the wings after 13 minutes with tongs.
  • When the time is up, increase the temperature to 400°F (200°C) and bake for 6 more minutes until the skin is browned and crisp.
  • Transfer to a bowl, add toss with BBQ or wing sauce.


Calories: 432kcal



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Air Fryer Fried Chicken Wings with Buffalo Sauce


  • Lorena

    This looks incredible!!! I’m dying to get an air-fryer but I wouldn’t know where to store it!! I think I’ll have to sell the bed and buy a big cupboard instead, hahahaha.

    • Cathy

      Exactly! I built a storage cabinet under steps to store big appliances when not in use. Bread maker, deep fryer, air fryer, crock pot, electric skillet, coffee maker, etc…. Makes kitchen more pleasant to work in.

  • Kelly Lynn Smith

    Delicious! The cook times were perfect. I made these for Lunch and tossed them in some Jack Daniels Old #7. They were such a hit that we’re having a rerun for supper. YUM!!

  • Chris H.

    These cooking times seem a bit too long. I’ve been doing wings for a couple years in the air fryer and I do 13 mins at 200C, (flip them) followed by 13 more mins at 170C. I guess trial and error.

    Side note: My buffalo wing sauce- 50/50 (ish depending on taste) Franks hot sauce and butter. Real butter tastes best, but margarine is a bit more healthy (or a combination of both).

    • Lare

      Chris H. I agree on your sauce recipe (Frank’s and butter, 50/50) but I wouldn’t say margarine is ever healthier than butter! That old food pyramid in your pediatrician’s office from 1970? It’s still spot-on.

    • Donald McMahan

      real butter is healthier than margarine…. back when we thought that margarine was the healthy choice we didn’t know the difference between LDL and HDL cholesterol and we didn’t know the dangers of trans-fatty acids.

    • J. Burns

      Cup of Franks
      Several splashes of any hot tabsco sauce
      2 tablespoons of white vinegar
      Tablespoon of sugar
      Tablespoon of salt
      Three shakes of garlic powder
      Simmer low stirring frequently. Keep lid on. Remove from heat until ready to use.
      Toss sauce and wings into covered bowl and gently swish clockwise then counterclockwise.
      Use tings to place wings on paper towel or plate.
      And yes, born, raised and lives in Buffalo, NY.

  • Lorraine Bell

    My 15 year old (who just broke his leg needed comfort food) was craving chicken wings,and I wanted to try out the new air-fryer . I came across this recipe from .Pinteres, it looked so good!. I was just amazing tasty that my son (the baby of the bunch who doesn’t know how to make anything other than scrambled eggs and sandwiches) wanted me to teach him how to make this! Wow- highest praise for a recipe ever, someone wants to learn to cook so he can make them whenever the whim hits him. Thank you!

  • CB

    Hey Julia,
    I had been browsing for a simple air fryer ? recipe and came across yours. It was perfect. My wings were frozen and average size, I followed your instructions then added my own touch with my special sauce……..was better than any restaurant……….thank you?

  • Crystal Piccioli

    Amazing. I did cook my wings about 4 mins longer to get extra crispy. But other then that was right on.

    • Julia

      I try to put them in a single layer into the basket because I find they get the crispiest when they don’t touch. – Julia

  • Joey

    Awesome ! If anyone has an air fryer and wings then try this amazing recipe ! It’s a perfect marriage of greatness ! Thank you so much for this wonderful wing knowledge !

  • Marcia

    I made wings this weekend using your simple recipe. We loved them and your temps and times were spot on. They were crispy outside and moist inside. I’m tossing that recipe from the cooking magazine that has you shaking the wings in baking powder. Ugh…they were gritty and had a horrible taste. Thank you!

  • Kristin

    O! M! G!
    My 16 year old son and I agree that these are amazing!!

    My husband always tries to make wings in the oven (super gross!!).

    So, he went to Germany on a business trip—and I went to Kohl’s to buy an air fryer!!

    We made a bunch of stuff today—air fried Oreos, fries, sweet potato fries, fried pickles (they were good too!!)…but nothing turned out as awesome as these wings!!! ❤️

    Thank you so much for this recipe!!
    (My husband will be getting some delish wings when he gets back!!)

  • Julia

    Hi Sam! The times and temperature are listed in the recipe card at the end of the post. I hope you enjoy the wings!

  • Carrie

    I’m among your wings now and I’m so excited. It’s the first thing I’m making in my new air fryer:)
    Thank you so much for sharing your recipe with us.

  • Elana

    This was my first recipe using my air fryer. I was incredibly impressed with how tasty and crispy these wings turned out.

  • Kelley

    I soaked the (fresh/not frozen) wings in franks before I read your recipe….will they still be ok to cook with the sauce already on?
    Thank you

  • Kb

    The timing was perfect! Felt like I was at my favorite Wing restaurant. I did a dry rub on half and naked on the other half for buffalo sauce and dang!!!!!!! Homemade slaw made the perfect cheat/not cheat meal! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  • Jim

    Thank you so much. Your timing was dead on. My previous way of doing wings this good took two days and several hours (brining, flour and spices, twice coated with a hour in between and then deep frying). Not wanting to do that very often I was stopping at Wingstop a couple times a month at $20 a stop. After air frying with your recipe I merely toss in a bowl with 50/50 Franks and butter. About as good as wings I’ve had anywhere. Looking forward to doing some experimenting with things like tossing them with some spices before frying. Thank you for sharing.

  • Les

    My wife and I tried this recipe for the first time tonight. Unfortunately I have some bad news; Buffalo Wild Wings just lost a customer, because these were amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mai

    Hi just got my airfyer wanted to try crispy wings is it fine to add garlic salt or salt before airfrying the wings my kids wants their wings dry

  • Angie

    Amazing! I can’t believe I didn’t try these sooner. Only thing I couldn’t do is fit 2 lbs in my fryer. Did you layer them? I figured they needed to be separated to cook properly.

  • Angel

    I followed your instructions exactly and my wings were AWESOME!!
    I’ll never need to get deep fried wings again.
    Thank you SO SO much for this recipe!!

  • Lacey

    If I am making several pounds for a party can I put the cooked wings into a crockpot to keep warm or will they lose their crispness?

    • Julia

      I don’t think they will stay crispy if you keep them warm in a crockpot. But you could try putting the air fried wings on a rack placed over a baking sheet in a 200°F oven until you have air fried all batches and then serve them immediately after the last batch is done. – Julia

  • Gary S

    Turned out perfect. I like my wings a little less sloppy, so after coating them with Frank’s RedHot sauce I placed them back in the air fryer @ 400 degrees for another two minutes. This is definitely my new favorite wing recipe. Thanks much.

  • Ameer

    I have the first generation Philips air fryer that only goes to 390 I believe. Any suggestions? You mentioned in your post you also have a Philips air fryer, which one do you have that goes to 400?

  • Noelle

    I canNOT believe how good this recipe is! No frying…. no finishing it under the broiler… no extra oil… DELISH! My 15-year-old daughter said it’s as good as any restaurant. And I love controlling the quality of ingredients used. THANK YOU. We will make this again and again. All your directions were spot on. My air fryer only goes up to 390 but it still came out perfect!

  • Nancy

    So glad I found your article the wings came out great without adding additional oil or flour like so many other recipes called for.

  • Amber

    Can I place a bunch of wings in my rotating basket? I just bought my fryer because of this thread! I got the big 7qt oven/air fryer.

    • Michelle Pierce

      That’s what I did and they came out great! I bought the large bag of frozen wings at Food Lion and cooked them all at the same time. I just had the rotation going the entire cook time and they were evenly cooked.

  • Linda Adams

    My husband normally gets BWW for Sunday football but he can’t eat food not made at home and I made these today the only problem is I can’t make the fast enough lol great recipe thanks

  • Phil

    Wow!!! Spot on and crispy like we like them. I tossed them in the sauce after the 24 minutes and then tossed them in the sauce again at the end. Perfect for Sunday Football games! Thanks!

  • CMF

    Great recipe! The wings were so crispy after 26 minutes (13 each side) that I didn’t need to increase the temp to finish. My family loves Frank’s on ½ the wings and BBQ or Yoshida’s on the other half. We never have any wings left.

    • Julia

      You can put frozen wings in the Air Fryer. Just cook the wings 5 minutes longer at 380°F, before increasing the temperature for the last 6 minutes.

  • Lin Summers

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I didn’t even think to use my air fryer to make wings. I don’t think I’ll ever oil fry my wings again. Being on a ketogenic diet, I try to come up with ways to up my fat intake, so I made a lemon pepper and ghee “sauce”. Incredibly crispy and juicy. Thank you!

  • Dawn

    We used the instructions as written above for frozen wings and it was spot on! Five minutes extra for frozen wings was perfect. Layer in a single layer in the basket; cook at 380 for 15 minutes; flip, set time for another 15 minutes at 380; flip and turn the heat to 400 for six minutes. Done! Thank you for the instructions!

    • Julia

      The recipe is for fresh/thawed wings but there are also instructions to modify the recipe for cooking frozen wings in the post (above the recipe card).

  • Kimberly T

    My air fryer doesn’t have a basket, but rather two trays that slide inside. Regardless, I followed these instructions and they turned out perfect. Thanks so much for sharing.!

  • Steven Shagrin

    Discard the wing tip??? NEVER!!! I use them (and chicken feet or “paws”) to make my chicken soup or a broth for fricassee. The cooked tips and other bony parts of the chicken from the soup not used elsewhere go into the most savory, flavory, chicken fricassee that I learned to make at my bubbe’s side. Don’t waste it, baste it!!!

  • Carlos Shaw

    just a quick question as i plan to try this recipe in 2 days when i get snowed in, my basket in my air fryer isn’t large enough for 2lbs of wings without them sitting on top of each other, is that okay? (the wings that is)

    • Julia

      They might not get as crispy but if you shake the basket every few minutes it should be ok. My new AirFryer is a bit smaller than my last one but it comes with a rack so you have two layers, perhaps you find something similar somewhere in your kitchen. – Julia

  • Liz

    I’ve had an air fryer for about a year, but never tried wings. I got a Ninja Foodi for Christmas and I just tried your recipe last night. Well, these were a HUGE hit. My husband asked “How hard were these to make?” I guess he wants me to make them more often. Thanks for the recipe and cooking instructions to make them extra crispy. The Foodi has a rack that let me make them all at once. So amazing. Thanks for the recipe.

  • Tiffany

    I never thought we’d be able to include chicken wings into our healthful meals and thought they’d always be a treat. You’ve proven me wrong!! My husband orders his wings “extra crispy” so I wasn’t sure if these would make the grade, but we both loved them. We might try brining them next time to see how that affects the flavor profile. Looks like wings are back on the menu, boys!

  • Julia Chous

    Made these tonight. Absolutely amazed at how well they turned out. I CRAVE buffalo wings frequently and am often let down when out to eat. I have a few select restaurants that I know are delicious, but I think these might be the BEST EVER!

    Timing was perfect. This is going to be my new favorite homemade cheat meal. So easy! Thank you!

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