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Marzipan Recipe

Marzipan Recipe

Apple Strudel is much easier to make from scratch than you think and tastes amazing dusted with powdered sugar! Everyone will love this traditional Apfelstrudel that has a flaky crust and is filled with juicy spiced apples.

Apple Strudel Recipe

Chocolate Almond Biscotti are a coffee-pairing favorite, they are crunchy, studded with almonds, and easy to make from scratch!  These twice-baked Italian cookies are perfect for dipping into a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Chocolate Almond Biscotti Recipe

Easy Cinnamon Candied Almonds are sweet, crunchy and make your house smell amazing! They can be made in less than 10 minutes and make a great snack for your next holiday party.

Easy Cinnamon Candied Almonds

These Slice & Bake Orange Almond Cookies are soft in the center and crunchy on the edges! A flavorful and easy-to-make cookie with lots of orange aroma and ground almonds.

Orange Almond Cookies Recipe